January 2016- David Bowie's video clip for "Ashes to Ashes" mesmerised us as kids. Didn't understand it. Freaked us out. Couldn't stop watching. R.!.P.

December 2015- Redman's commercial for Garnier Men airs. It's a motorbike street race with action star, Joe Taslim. Click on the thumbnail of the moody biker on the commercials page

November 2015- Steph's new mini-series 'Blood & Water' premieres in Canada on Omni. She headlines the show as a rookie cop charged with solving a nasty murder

Redman's campaign for the Marriott Hotel is up and running. If you're staying at a Marriott in the future and want to make unreasonable requests at any time of the day, or night, and watch the staff come running, visit www.travelbrilliantlyapac.com/mobilechat_anythingelse. In the meantime, you can watch the campaign by clicking on the thumbnail of the grinning gal on the commercials page

R.I.P Frank Budgen. The commercials world was scarcely worthy of your talent

October 2015- Redman heads to Indonesia to shoot a new TVC for Garnier, featuring Joe Taslim, rising action star from The Fast and The Furious 6 and Star Trek 3. Custom motorbikes and chaos on the streets of Jakarta

September 2015- Redman shoots a TVC and online campaign for the Marriott Hotel, showcasing their new app only for guests

August 2015- Taami invades Thailand to shoot a Rejoice Shampoo TVC for P&G

May 2015- Island Films welcomes a man who only shoots beautiful things- beauty director, Taami Summerfield. Beautiful women, beautiful celebrities, beautiful hair and beautiful skin is all he wants to film. And he does it all so very, umm, beautifully. Check out his work on http://vimeopro.com/taamisummerfield/taami-summerfield-beauty while we take our sweet time uploading his stuff onto our website

March 2015- There's a new film on the commercials page to check out. It's a Nike Baseball spot, cobbled together from some impressive out-takes. Click on the thumbnail of a slugger in action

January 2015- Redman is in Bangkok shooting a Rejoice Shampoo TVC with Thai star, Jakajan Akumsiri

December 2014- Steph's back to work after 2 years of dedicated mummy duty and strolls casually into the lead role of 8-part Canadian crime series, Blood and Water, for Omni channel

November 2014- Redman's work for the Nikkei Asian Review airs across Australasia. To have a look at the epic spot make your way to the commercials page and click on the thumbnail of the Shanghai skyline

April 2014- Redman's TVC for Hey Song Sarsaparilla, Taiwan's version of Dr Pepper, airs across the country

March 2014- Redman on a whirlwind tour of Singapore, Shanghai and Bali, shooting a regional launch TVC for the Nikkei Asian Review Tokyo and Edelman Sydney

December 2013- Island Films signs off 2013 in Taiwan, shooting a baseball project over the New Year with national hero, Daikan Yoh- Japan Major League slugger, base-stealer and Golden Glove winner

November 2013- Redman's work for Toyota Global launches at the Tokyo Motor show and will be rolling out at every major motor show over the coming year. A couple of spots are ready to watch on the commercials page. Click on the pics of the sexy white Prius to view what is coming in the future

- Redman's Olay Agnes Monica spot wins a silver at the ACS awards, thanks again to regular collaborator and super DOP, Conrad Slack

October 2013- the Olay Total Effects spot Redman shot is released across Asia. Check it out on the commercials page. Just click on the pic of a waiter peering through his kitchen window

September 2013- Redman shoots a Head & Shoulders campaign for P&G

August 2013- Redman shoots a 5 x 1 minute campaign for Toyota Global showcasing their future auto tech. Agencies are Saatchi's Singapore and Fallon Tokyo. Huge amount of post being done by the super boffins at Method Studios, Melbourne

July 2013- Island Films travel to Thailand to shoot a regional campaign for Olay Total Effects. Redman steals a box of the product to try and slow the march of time across his face

April 2013- Redman works with rising actress, Mai Davika- who recently starred in the highest grossing film in Thai history- on a project for P&G

Jan 2013- Redman's Olay Face Wash spot, featuring brave Thai starlet, Jackie M, is ready to see on the commercials page. A simple shoot, but a bit of fun from the teams at Saatchi's Singapore and Sydney

December 2012- Island finishes the year with Redman's Toni&Guy spot making the most-watched list on Showreelfinder.com's 2012 Yearbook. Thanks for watching us and best wishes to all for 2013

September 2012- Redman's edit of Agnes Monica shaking it for an Olay TVC, is now ready for viewing on the commercials page. Check out why the Indonesian superstar and Olay ambassador has a legion of fans, and why the USA is beginning to take notice

July 2012- a release date for Sleeping Dogs, the action video game Steph appears in (voice and motion capture) is finally announced- August 14 in the USA. She joins a cast that includes Tom Wilkinson, Lucy Liu and Emma Stone

June 2012- Redman shoots 2 TVC's, for Saatchi's Singapore and Sydney, in Thailand, to air from New Zealand to India. Complicated

- he also shoots a test spot for Toni&Guy, tooling around with some hi-speed cameras, a couple locks of hair and a few hundred buckets of water. Check out the result on the commercials page

April 2012- it's Beautiful People Month, with Redman filming two Bollywood superstars, Katrina Kaif for Olay, and Kareena Kapoor for Head and Shoulders. He also films soon-to-be superstar singer, Agnes Monica- Indonesia's 'IT' girl- who just had her album produced in Miami by some small time dude called Timbaland... Keep an eye out for her

March 2012- Redman shoots 2 campaigns in Thailand. One is filmed at the minimalist resort, X2, in the south of the country. His penance for this treat is a few more days in a freezing studio in Bangkok

February 2012- Redman completes 2 campaigns for P&G that have kept him quiet since the New Year

January 2012- Steph completes her shoot in Vancouver and can happily report she was the tiniest actor on a set that contained the large humans Steven Seagal and Stone Cold Steve Austin

December 2011-Redman shoots in Malaysia with Passion Pics and in Mumbai with Bollywood siren, Kareena Kapoor. Flies 30 hours to make it home for Christmas. Best wishes for the New Year from the Island Films' Folk.

November 2011- Steph braves Vancouver weather to shoot an action flick with some rather beefy fellows. More to come on that

- Redman's wakeboarding TVC for Olay Men wins a silver at the Australian Cinematographer's Awards. Thanks again to constant collaborator and unsung DP hero, Conrad Slack, ACS, for making it look sexy and not vomiting while on the boats (unlike the director)

August 2011- Redman shoots another round of celebs for a regional P&G campaign

July 2011- Redman has a new spot on the commercials page. He doesn't do kids stuff that often (like never), but this one was enjoyable. Animation by Digipost in New Zealand. Just look for the jolly green monster

May 2011- Steph lends her support to Unite For Japan, a charity set up by Ken Watanabe to help survivors of the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Steph appears alongside John Travolta, Cameron Diaz, Leonardo Di Caprio, and Clint Eastwood in this video, www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYibIWbSlBM&feature=youtu.be. Check it, and visit the website, www.uniteforjapan.org. Please do what you can to help

April 2011- Redman shooting another campaign in Thailand. More celebs, more hair

February 2011- Redman's wakeboarding TVC for Olay Men Solutions airs in Australia and will roll out through most of Asia. Check out the indulgent director's cut on the commercials page

January 2011- Redman shoots a wakeboarding spot in the south of Thailand for Olay Men. Yep, Olay are now making stuff to beautify blokes

December 2010- Steph crosses the continent, over to Vancouver, to Special Guest Star in an episode of TV series, 'End Game', for Global TV

November 2010- Steph shoots a new TV pilot in typically below zero weather in Toronto for Showcase/Global

- Redman in Thailand filming a 6-country campaign for P&G

October 2010- Redman's Head & Shoulders TVC wins a silver at the Australian Cinematographer's Awards, to go with the gold won for Kia last year. Redman claims all credit despite his old compadre and DP, Conrad Slack, really being the one to thank

June 2010- Redman's latest Vaseline spot is up on our commercials page. Just look for the nekkid lass in the shower

May 2010- Steph nominated for Best Supporting Actress at Canada's Leo Awards for her role in 'The Thaw'. That's 6 noms in 3 years

- Redman travels all the way to picturesque New Zealand to shoot for a week in a studio and spend the next month in dark rooms with 3D boffins for his latest commercial project

January 2010- Redman finishes his 3 month project in Thailand and rewards himself by chaining his legs to a desk to write another screenplay

December 2009- Steph sits on the jury at the Whistler Film Festival and gets voted one of the '10 Most Beautiful People' by TV Magazine Canada. Sickening huh?

November 2009- Redman in Thailand shooting a couple of projects for BBH, keeping him in the tropics till the new year

- Meanwhile, Steph travels to freezing Saskatoon for an appearance in indie flick, "Stained"

October 2009- Steph's "Smallville" episode airs. She can now add DC Comics' butt-kicker to her credentials. Check out some of her action scenes on www.stephsong.com

- Redman's H&S TVC airs in a bunch of countries across Asia

August 2009- Steph preps for her role as DC Comics' vixen, 'Roulette', who appears in the upcoming season of "Smallville

- Redman shoots Head and Shoulders campaign for Saatchis, to air from Australia to India

July 2009-Redman's Audi Q5 spot airs in Japan and also makes an appearance on bestadsontv.com

May 2009- Redman's latest Vaseline spot airs in Thailand. Check it out on the commercials page

April 2009- Steph is back to her old stomping ground- Singapore, for the International Film Festival and the sold out screening of 'Dim Sum Funeral'. Peter Fonda crashes her after party

- Redman in Tokyo and KL prepping an Audi Q5 launch TVC, for Ogilvy Japan

March 2009- Redman shoots the start of a new campaign for Vaseline and BBH Singapore, in Bangkok

- His Kia spot is featured on website, bestadsontv.com

- Steph is nominated for Best Actress in a Feature Film at the Leo Awards in Vancouver, for her role in 'Dim Sum Funeral'

January 2009- Redman's KIA TV spot airs nationwide in Australia. Check it out on the commercials page

- He now heads to Thailand for another shoot for BBH Singapore

December 2008- Steph shoots lead role opposite Kevin Sorbo in sc-fi flick "Paradox" in Vancouver, in minus 20 degrees

- Redman in Sydney shooting a new car launch for Kia and agency, Brave New World, in 25 degrees

October 2008- Steph struts the red carpet in Pusan for the World Premiere of "Dim Sum Funeral". The flick is also selected to premiere in North America at the AFI Fest and later in the year at Whistler

- Just when he thought it was over...Redman puts on his frock and shoots another Vaseline beauty spot for BBH

- He picks up two bronze trophies at the Phoenix Film Awards for his work on Sony Ericcson and Vaseline. Check out the work on the commercials page

September 2008- Steph's flick, "Dim Sum Funeral" is selected for Pusan International Film Festival. World premiere on October 2

June 2008- Steph begins work on horror/thriller flick, "The Thaw", starring Val Kilmer. Shooting in Vancouver

- Redman completes shooting Vaseline campaign for BBH, 5 months after signing on. Check out the latest spot on the commercials page
























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