genre- animated adventure

synopsis- Buggalugs Black Widow is getting married tomorrow. Which means he will be ripped apart by his bride and eaten alive

Cecil needs to become the most heroic mayfly in history to win the heart of fussy Gertrude. Problem is, mayflies are a sickly bunch, lucky to live 24 hours. And Cecil’s already 4 hours, 46 minutes and 32.561 seconds old

Neither critter has much time on this earth

Destiny handcuffs them together

And without a moment to lose, they’re cramming a bunch of lifetimes into a single day

Pursued by Sergeant Needlebum, a merciless scorpion cop, they become the insect Thelma and Louise, rampaging wildly through the underbrush

Can they seize the day and leave their mark on the garden, before death, or Needlebum, comes knockin'?

third draft screenplay in development
© island films 2011