"When strawberries are defrosted, all the intracellular goo oozes out, turning them into runny mush. This is your brain on cryonics"
- Dr Michael Shermer, Skeptic Magazine, 2001

genre- sci-fi/action

synopsis- so far, there are 378 humans who have died and had their bodies cryogenically frozen- hoping in the future, science will revive them and they will live again

When Strawberry 253 wakes, she finds, to her relief, that everything is perfect. She’s still young and beautiful and now free from disease

Trouble is, she has no soul

It departed when she died and was repatriated back into the ether- and then redistributed amongst 12 new borns

Now she must find the fragments of her soul and retrieve them, before her body turns to mush

The only way to retrieve her 'Frags', is to terminate those bodies that contain them

Welcome to 2093. By necessity, the Strawberries have become the serial killers of the future

first draft screenplay in development
© island films 2011