genre- action

synopsis- the Gurkhas are the most feared soldiers on the planet. They make the SAS look like girl guides

They come from small villages in Nepal, hardened by carrying rocks on their backs in rarified air from the age of four

And as men, they earn their keep for the British Army in the ugliest theatres of war- Kosovo, Falluja, Sarajevo, Sierra Leone

So when one of these chaps has a bee in his bonnet, even the devil hides

Despite his years of honoured service, Chai is betrayed by Queen and country and left to rot

The life that brought great honour to his village in tatters, he now skulks in the shadows of shame

But soon, he finds his skills are needed. Aiding the downtrodden, the abused, the weak

He's a whisper, a myth, a chill down your neck

And if you are an oppressor, that blade you see glinting in the dark, means your time on this earth is short indeed

first draft screenplay in development
© island films 2011