"We tramped and tramped until our shoes were broken, and then, without looking, we found what we sought"
- Ming Dynasty proverb

genre- period drama/adventure

synopsis- China. 1857. A country ripped apart by war, famine and the ‘Dragon’s Breath’- opium addiction on a mass scale

Amongst all this darkness, there is but a sliver of a shimmer of a hope- the goldfields of Australia

A desperate, starving family, with no choice but to resort to betrayal, steal aboard a "hellship" bound for these mythical goldfields - and a chance at a new life

After 90 days on an ocean of treachery, they find only bigotry, fear, and 500 miles of cruel desert awaiting them

And even though they are half a world away, their deeds back in China haunt their every step, with grave consequences

Based on true events, this is an epic story of Chinese ambition, survival, and the unbreakable bond of a family

third draft screenplay in development
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