genre- comedy

synopsis- 1.3 billion breathing people in China means there has to be a lot who ain't breathing either, right?

There's serious money to be made from funerals, and the Chinese underworld knows it

Always looking for that edge on his competitors, Triad Leader Chew introduces striptease acts. Hey, it's a way of drawing the crowds. And as every Chinese person knows, the more who show up for the wake, the more honoured the dead guy will be

That's where Mei, Val, and Ethel come in. 3 foreign models who've just screwed up a photo shoot and cost Chew a bag of money

And before they can paint their nails, they’re enslaved to the Triads, swapping the catwalk for coffins

Foreign supermodels, on call for any funeral in the country? Some villages have never even seen a Westerner in the flesh, let alone three leggie ladies in lacy Victoria’s Secret

It's a sure-fire winning business formula

"Ludicrous", you say? Well, incredibly, this story is inspired by true events

third draft screenplay in development
© island films 2011